Our team is split into the following categories:

  • Data collection and reassessment:

    Key for successful transparent and repeatable management is a spotless data base. For this reason we employ 3 full-time and 2 part-time staff to permanently collect and reassess data. These employees have been working for CIS for many years.

  • Research and Analysis:

    In this area we employ two people that permanently monitor the manager's performance using the reassessed data that are carrying all CLO manager's Alpha components. We are taking the data history for each manager and predict a future cash flow vector. This helps to identify style shifts as well as change in risk profile of the CLO manager. This task is conducted by our parent company CIS Holding AG.

  • Portfolio and Risk Management:

    We have two dedicated personnel in this area that base their divisions (purchase and sale) and portfolio risk management by modelling portfolio scenarios on our own data base.

  • Customer Service and Distribution:

    Here we have three experienced employees that primarily take care of distribution including frequent customer updates and visits.

  • Reporting:

    In this section we are staffed with one full-time employee and one part-time. Both take care of daily customer service.

  • Administration, Compliance , Accounting and Revision:

    Administrative tasks like accounting, tax advice and compliance are outsourced. Daily administrative tasks as well as revision are looked after by a member of management.